Houston Christian Home School Prom by Lighthouse Events

Lighthouse Events was born out of the heart of a family looking to serve the body of Christ through entertaining, yet safe, Christian events for homeschoolers and their families in the Houston area.

We are excited to bring you events that create lasting memories, warm your heart, and light up your life.

Come and experience faith-based fun and fellowship with friends!

We are Lighthouse Events. Creating lasting memories that light up your life.

- Reggie & Tinitia | Matt.5:14-16

Our Mission

To honor God by providing inspiring events for the Christian community of homeschoolers and their families.

Our Vision

Through Lighthouse Events, the Christian homeschool community is edified and encouraged, by offering wholesome, and meaningful experiences for many years to come.

Why a Christian Prom?

We believe it’s important for Christian homeschoolers to have a place where they can celebrate their accomplishments for the school year while providing peace of mind to parents by knowing their loved ones are safe in a place they can trust. To the best of our ability, here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We’ll be sure to provide safe entertainment that does not compromise Biblical & family values.
  • We’ll respect each young person as God’s special creation treating them the way we’d like our own children to be treated.
  • We’ll celebrate with them and encourage them that the best is yet to come!
  • We’ll ensure the environment is free from predators and any harmful substances that could potentially affect their special night.

Here's what we expect from parents/guardians:

  • Make sure that your student arrives at the prom safely and is transported home safely by a trusted party.
  • Make sure your young adult’s formal wear adheres to our dress policy ahead of time.
  • Make sure to know who your young adult is with and that you can be reached  if needed.
  • Be sure to volunteer in whatever area where you maybe needed. (See our section on volunteering).
  • Make sure you and your student/guest(s) have completed & signed all forms required.
  • Make sure your homeschooler and his/her guest is willing to adhere to all expectations laid out in our Code of Conduct & Refund Policy and will abide by them.

Here's what we expect from students:

  • Come in formal wear that is respectful of yourself & others -not compromising Christ-like values. (see Dress Code for Gentlemen guidelines for details) (see Dress Code for Ladies' attire)
  • Exemplify behavior that is considerate of each person, treating them as you desire to be treated.
  • No use of illegal substances, use of weapons, demeaning talk or inappropriate physical behavior (public displays of affection).