Gentlemens attire

Dress pants, a button-down dress shirt, dress shoes, or boots are required. Dress coat, vest, tie, etc., are suggested. No bare feet. flip flops, offensive tattoos, T-shirts, farm boots, para military uniforms, Dockers or khakis allowed. Formal Western wear is allowed with prior approval. Email our HCHP admin. team.

Dress respectfully and be comfortable so as not be adjusting your clothes all evening.

*Please be aware that our chaperones will be checking dress codes throughout the evening. You may be required to get assistance from a HCHP team member if your attire does not adhere to the dress code or be required to leave immediately. There will be no refunds for anyone who is asked to leave due to dress code violations. We do not want to turn anyone away who would like to celebrate during this special night but we will if necessary.