Ladies Attire

Appropriate dress or gown required. Long dresses are encouraged but not mandatory. No dresses above the knee when walking or standing. Feminine, dressy pant-suit outfit may be worn with pre-approval (email HCHP admin. team.); dress shoes, dressy sandals or clean, nice shoes for dancing are permitted. No bare midriffs or bare lower backs (no separate skirt and top pieces or dresses with sides and back openings, and dress backs must be no more than 5" below the back bra closure); skirt length must be at least halfway down thigh; no visible cleavage (Though we acknowledge that there are some body types for which this is a very difficult guideline to keep when shopping for prom dresses. We ask that you use your best judgment when shopping, and maintain a respectable level of modesty). Strapless, single-strap, or spaghetti-strap dresses are fine, but please stay within the guidelines for respectable modesty.

Test your outfit BEFORE you arrive at prom. Stretch your arms up, bend down, and move side to side. If you find that you are coming out of your clothing while doing this exercise, then that attire will not work for this prom.

Dress respectfully comfortably so as not to be adjusting your clothes all evening.

*Please be aware that our chaperones will be checking dress codes throughout the evening. You may be required to get assistance from a HCHP team member if your attire does not adhere to the dress code or be required to leave immediately. There will be no refunds for anyone who is asked to leave due to dress code violations. We do not want to turn anyone away who would like to celebrate during this special night but we will if necessary.